Changing item price after creating sales order

If I made a sales order
then i changed the item price in inventory
which price will come if i converted the sales order to sales invoice (the price of the sales order or the new price as it in inventory after change?)
Thank you

Have you tried the copy (there is no convert function in Manager) function?

If you don’t like the result, you can always delete the new invoice

If you do not want to test this in your business file, then create a test business by importing a backup copy

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Thank you for your reply, it was easier if tell me if you know, I’m just asking …
so please don’t make me feel like i’m lazy or guilty by asking, if you know ok, if not then please let others help me, you are not here in my situation or know all the details i have with this client

You would have found the answer far quicker by testing it on your PC rather than asking a question here in the forum

You still have not got a definitive answer and it is one hour since you asked the question


My dear
Any question here is very important for anyone to save their time even if it is naive in your opinion … if i found it here i wouldn’t ask , but now we left the question and arguing
thank you anyway

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You did not refer to any issues with client, @Joe91 provided a good reply by asking you to try the copy to function.

Now that you raise the issue with clients I assume that you want to change the price in the sales invoice compared to the sales order. Such change is not allowed the sales order is the legal acceptance of the purchase order., You can not change the price quoted in the sales order in the invoice. For some further information see for example Sales Orders: What They Are Compared to POs & Invoices


Perfect … Thank you!

Sorry, I naively assumed you were asking about the functioning of Manager and tried to provide assistance to the best of my ability - my business does not use Sales Orders so I did not have knowledge to answer your original question directly but I pointed out one way to discover the answer


No problems my brother … we learn from each other

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When copying a sales-related transaction of one type to another (such as sales order to sales invoice), prices remain the same. Only if you copy a sales-related transaction to a purchase-related transaction (or vice versa) will the price change, assuming both sales and purchase prices are defined for the item.

If you want to update to new pricing, follow this Guide: Refresh unit prices on sales invoices | Manager.

Perhaps easier for you, but disrespectful of other forum members. Always search the Guides first, then previous forum topics, before asking others to do your work for you. Doing what is easier for you at the expense of others gives you a bad reputation on the forum and makes other members less likely to answer future questions from you.


Thank you … I will do my best next time to fix any issues by trying to find similar cases first
My apology to anyone was bothered
God bless you all


Dear Sir,
is it possible to have a button to update the invoice with the current prices ?
I created a sales order, then copied it into sales invoice, so as you said that the sales order is kind of agreement on specific price, but what if client agrees on changeable prices, because products prices are changing every day , so Sales order yesterday with a price and today invoice will be done with different prices, so if there is a way to update all the invoice prices as of now it would be a great solution for this case
Thank you!

I would advise you to then first issue a new sales order if the old one rejected by the customer or if customer agrees to changed prices. So you would clone the sales order, change the prices and send to the client, once accepted you copy to sales invoice.

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Sales order is done on telephone to reserve the quantity, no matter what price will be, so i need to make sales order with no price then copy the the sales order into invoice with the new price which updated every morning, and sales orders are tens and each sales order has at least 30 product and all of these must be done within 8 hours everyday

Detailed Scenario

  • Day 1 Employee contact the client to take the order (make sales order on Manager with current prices of the day)

** Day 2

  • Products reach to store (Recalculate prices and update system)
  • Convert all sales orders to sales invoices with today prices
  • Deliver products
  • take the new orders for tomorrow
    and so on

I already linked the Guide that explains how to do this. You should not expect a new feature to duplicate a solution that already exists. The existing feature updates more than prices. If tax codes have changed or descriptions have been modified, that information will be refreshed, also.

Then your sales order is wasted. Sales orders have no financial impact and do not reserve inventory item quantities.

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Thank you for your reply, But still user has to update line by line which is wasting too much time
at lease this function be in the sales order screen, it will save like 90% of users time
Please think of it if it is possible to update all lines by one click because sometimes a single invoice has 100 lines, and user has to delete each product and add it again.
add to this , when user delete the product and select it again, the quantity goes back to the default number which is one, so he has to delete the product, then write it again, then look at the paper to know the quantity, then write it again in the line (Which caused many mistakes today)
so if we have a button (Update All Lines Prices) it will save all employees time and their clients who are waiting in the front of counter too.

Dear Sir,
Any possibility for adding this feature before next Wednesday?
to see from now what plan client has to follow next delivery.

I would be very, very surprised if this is added by next Wednesday or indeed, at all

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Think you should read @Tut and other replies carefully because solutions have been offered but somehow you keep asking for a feature that is not needed as explained. I would also advise you to carefully review your processes and amend where necessary to take advantage of all the good that Manager has to offer. Some effort in better getting to grips with Manager pays off.

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Thank you for your reply, I agree completely with you that feature is there, but line by line
if you have one PO has 100 line, then user has to go thru all lines one by one
What i’m asking is to have a button to update all the 100 lines’ prices at once
Hope my issue is clear now, If you have any advice to tell me how to do it at once i would appreciate