Feature Request

Is it possible to give option to update inventory item price from Sales Invoice/Quote, Purchase Invoice/Order.

Like If i change unit price in Sales Invoice/Quote It should give an option to update price in inventory.
It’ll be helpful as some products change every year, we’ve to search all products from inventory to update sale/purchase price.

Do you mean "option to update inventory item “selling” price from . . . . . "

Yes it should be optional. Both selling and purchase price

Purchase Invoices already update the Inventory Item average cost price automatically.

No not that.

Unit Price while creating new purchase / sales document.

The Manager Inventory system works on Average Cost, so you don’t update purchase unit price.

Inventory Item - ABC
Purchase Invoice 1 - 10 units @ 10.00 = 100,00
Purchase Invoice 2 - 10 units @ 15.00 = 150.00

Therefore total inventory is - 20 worth 250.00 or average cost 12.50

You can’t use the latest unit price as 20 @ 15.00 = 300.00, but you only spent 250.00

Dear Brucanna,

Yes what you are saying is right. But I’m talking about cost price and sale price which will be entered while creating inventory item

Say Cost price will be 100. Some supplier give me 20% discount on that and some give 30% it depends on which supplier i purchase. But cost price is fixed 100.