View Payees

Is there a way of viewing payees to see all transactions with a particular payee? This is not customers.

You can look at the Bank Transactions or Cash Transactions lists. Search or sort for the name. Export if desired.

Thanks Tut!

I would like to view a list of payees in a particular expense account, for a particular block of time. This would be useful in seeing whether I have paid someone more than the minimum amount requiring that I send them an IRS Form-1099. Also for other reasons.

To do this by searching in Receipts & Payments I would need to know all of the payee names. When I drill down from Summary by clicking an expense account amount there are no Payee names given. That’s the problem.

Even a way to list all payees to a particular expense account would be useful. I don’t want to set up every payee as a Supplier.

I’m hoping I missed something obvious and easy!

There are several ways to obtain this information. The easiest is probably to use the Search function in the Receipts & Payments tab. For example, search for “2020 Acme Company” and the program will return a list of all receipts or payments in 2020 to/from Acme Company. The list will include totals for both receipts and payments. (There might be something on the list such as a 2015 payment that had a reference number including the digits “2020.” Adjust for those, if necessary.) If you want, you can copy the search results to the clipboard and paste them into a spreadsheet for further manipulation or recordkeeping.

Your IRS only requires a Form 1099 for certain payees. There are many exceptions. You will certainly be able to tell in advance, based on who the payee is, whether it is worth running the search to determine if the threshhold has been exceeded. So you are not likely to need to repeat this process for very many payees.

Realistically, you are probably better off determining in advance who you might need to file an information form for and setting them up as suppliers. Then you can get supplier statements with this information quite readily. If you need to submit the form, you are going to need supporting information, such as address, tax ID number, and so forth. You might as well record that information on a supplier form in Manager as have to look it up elsewhere later on.

Thanks Tut,
I hadn’t realized that I could search for non-contiguous text strings in Receipts & Payments. Once I searched for 2020 along with the paying account number, I could then use the Contact column header to group the payees, then run down the columns with a calculator and figure who I paid more than $600, and would need to figure if they are not incorporated. I’ll think about whether setting those up as a Supplier is the best course for me.
You have solved my problem!