Filter Receipts and Payments by date range

I am trying to list all the payments to a supplier between two dates. When I list Receipts and Payments and enter the supplier in the search box it just does it from the beginning of time. Is this possible?

No. But you can sort by date or reverse date by clicking the column heading. Then you can export. When copying from the export screen, only copy those entries in the range you want.

You can limit the search by including the year as another term in the search box. Other than that, you’d have to do a custom report.

Thank you @Tut. I have tried doing a custom report and selecting From> Receipts and Payments but I haven’t got the option of selecting the amount which is the field I need.

You need to select from general ledger transactions. Amounts are there.

Yes the amounts are there, but general ledger transactions only seem to look at entries that have an invoice attached to them. Direct entries from the bank account don’t appear. Your tip about exporting seemed to work OK as a work around but I am puzzled why amounts are not available from Receipts and Payments.

Why is this an issue? If you are paying a supplier, there will always be an invoice associated. If there is not, you are not paying a supplier (meaning via the accounts payable capabilities). Instead, you would be paying some other payee in a cash purchase. Then you would need different parameters from those shown in @AJD’s post. For example:

Thank you. That’s perfect. I hadn’t appreciated that “Contact” was the company that was being paid. I was using “Supplier”. Again - many thanks.