List of Payees?

Is it possible to create a pull-down list of payees, as there is for payers?

I am the sole employee, so I am the only one who has expenses and will always be the only Payer. However, I have several recurring expenses that go to a variety of Payees. It would be nice to be able to access that list via pull-down menu.


You could set the payees up as Suppliers, and then when you make a payment select Supplier and the list of known Suppliers will be displayed

You do not have to enter purchase invoices

Payers and payees are treated exactly the same way by Manager. In fact, they are actually the same variable in the database, named Contact. The only difference is that the label on the entry form changes from Payer to Payee when you change from a receipt to a payment.

Both receipts and payments will use the auto-complete function, regardless of which type of payer/payee is selected. Just start typing in the empty field. You won’t need a pull-down list.

Thank you. I did notice the auto-complete as I was filling out an expense. I guess that’s just as efficient as a pull-down menu.

It’s probably more efficient, because even after the first letter, you only have to look at options that match. You never have to scroll to the end of a list for Zebra Supply Co. And since the list narrows with each letter, you seldom have to type more than 2-3 letters.

Thanks. One quick follow-up. I’ve notice when I do start typing and it begins filling in, sometimes I have two entries for the same Payer (because of a typo I didn’t catch, but then later corrected). Is there a way for me to go in and “clean up” or delete those bad entries?

Enter your customers / suppliers then use the supplier option in receipts & payments.
Doing so will mean you will be able do generate suppler reports in the future.
You can also edit supplier names and make old suppliers inactive

To answer your question directly, no, you cannot remove prior entries from auto-complete.

Got it. Thank you all.

Yes you can. Search for the transaction with the misspelt name, edit the transaction and the misspelt name disappears from the auto-complete. Search the forum - this has been covered many times - here is one example.

Thank you. That worked. It took a little while to find the offensive entry (thankfully there was only one), but once I amended it, that wrong version is no longer available in autofill.

Thanks again.

Is this a outdated removed feature?
I can find no way whatsoever to access/select suppliers as PAYEE in a expense claim in new soft ver.

Each Receipt and Payment allows you to select a Customer, Supplier or Other. When using Receipts these become automatically Payers and when using Payments these become automatically Payees.

As for Expense claims the process of creating and reimbursing is explained at