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I am using latest desktop version.

Previously, it were possible to search by Payee Name determine the credits and debits of an account, for example loans account thus determine the existing balances of an individual person. At the moment, it seemingly is impossible to do so, unless you had their name in the description. This is how i was keeping track with staff whom we loan money to.

It were fairly easy as I started by going to the summary page>Loans> search. While this can be easily solved by editing and entering the names in the descriptions, going through 4 years of data is a uphill task.

Pic for attention:
When I search under loans, the payee search Reference Peter Daniels (1) shows no transactions unless I edit the transaction to show Peter Daniel in the Description (2) which i often reserve for writing what the loan was for…

@lubos @Tut Is there an option to bring this back, if impossible create a default loan report based on payee in the same way we have default reports like customer aged receivables etc?

I think we ought to prioritize the Payee as opposed to the description in transactions

I think what you actually want is this idea to be implemented

Your staff are essentially customers of your money loaning business, so would be searchable via that interface.
I assume you are already using special accounts for the capital. See Use special accounts

There are much better ways to keep track of such loans to employees than to mix them all together in a single Loans account, where there is no separation between loans to various employees.

One is to run the loans through the Employee clearing account and account for them on payslips by setting up a dedicated payslip deduction item for loan repayment.

Another is to create a custom control account for special accounts and have each loan be a special account.

In either case, you will have a place to look to see what the individual employee owes.

Even without those approaches, you can continue doing what you have been doing by searching the Receipts & Payments tab for the employee’s name. In this example, I loaned Robert the Employee 1000 for a lorry, and he has repaid 100:

Thanks for response.

Let me clarify, I ran staff salaries in clearing account which is super easy to follow in various places like payslips. So maybe salaried people not so much.

What about people who aren’t on staff?

I can check names in Reciepts and payments but that will bring Reciepts and payments of everything with that name included. It won’t filter to loans only.

Somtimes you have a person whom you deal with in many things whos name appears in a lot of accounts.

There are still options.

You can add terms to the search criteria in Receipts & Payments. For example,

Notice, however, that you must be quite disciplined. This search found the payment to Robert, but not the receipt, because the receipt did not include the word lorry in the description. (It said “Repayment of loan.”)

But the better option remains separation of the loans with special accounts.

Hmm. Yeah, but Long process.

Reciepts and payments aren’t picking up payslip items either. The reason why everything in manager is clickable is because it leads to another window where it expands. That’s such a cool, simple feature.

I can start now and be more keen on such entries, but what about previous entries? How do I know whos paid what? I have 4 years of data here, kindly help.

The recent update negates that convinience. Why should i have to open three different pages to search for statements or figures on loans for either staff, directors, friends, family, etc?

Its simpler, and cool, to have the loans tab just expand when clicked, and, say, if you have a name there like Daniel, should you happen to hit search, it brings everything related to that name, be it a debit, or credit, whether originating from petty cash, or bank, or payslip, doesn’t have to matter THE SAFETY net here is that you are within the LOANS account/TAB.

At least bring it back until we close these accounts. Lol. Then we will go back to your idea. I have 4 years of data here, kindly help.

And they should not, because nothing is paid or received when a payslip is created.

The problem is you have mixed everything together. The information you desire is buried with other things. Extracting it relies on your prior discipline for always including the required information in transaction text fields in exactly the right form. Using your earlier example, suppose you entered a receipt from Peter Daniel as coming from Pete Daniel. A search for Peter Daniel would not find it. And all the features I’ve mentioned have been available for years.

I don’t know why you are searching here, there, and everywhere for the same information about staff, directors, friends, family, or whoever. That is purely a function of how you constructed your chart of accounts and where you may have scattered transactions. It has nothing to do with any recent update. If your Loans account were a control account made up of special accounts, and each loan was a special account, everything would be in one place, already separated, and trivial to find. You would have actual loan balances remaining rather than having to subtract various subtotals.

This is not a functional tab. You have simply created an ordinary account named Loans, then posted all sorts of things to it. It sounds like many have nothing to do with your business. What you are seeing is not some functional tab expanding. You are just seeing a drill-down of transactions in that account, the same as in any ordinary account.

I respectfully disagree with you. That isn’t a safety net. That is the threat.

Thanks alot @Tut for your much needed help. We started off with no accounting knowledge so Manager has taught us alot and with your help we certainly appreciate the team and for you being patient with some of us.

I have a question here: :point_up_2:
I do actually ran salaries through payslips and then the clearing account. How do I Make sure then the salary deductions are shown at the Receipts and payments because for now when I search using a name criteria its showing the loans disbursements and repayments BUT it is not showing any repayments which are salary related.

On my payslips, I do have a Payslip Deduction Item which links to Loans, so each time i put that in when creating a payslip it deducts a certain amount of my choosing (a monthly installment) from the individual staff salary. So under Receipts and payments I expected to see that amount as a Loan repayment.

Perhaps I missing something? In my search criteria the employee name is exactly as is on the payslip, as well as on the clearing account.

The deductions from the payslip will not be shown under the Receipts & Payments tab, because a payslip does not result directly in a receipt or payment in any direction. The payslip creates or reduces obligations, depending on how the payslip items are defined. You must still separately record payments or receipts. Re-read the Guide: