View page quick change

It would be nice to have the ability to turn on and off a quick page turn while in view mode.
And a quick number entry section i drew out what could look like and the #1 is in a box because that be a space you could type a page to go into in.

Of course it would be based off of your current sort method of the main “Journal Entries” page. By that i mean (once sort is enabled) that if you order by Date, #, Narration, Debit, or Credit then the arrows and page entry would follow those rules.

Journal entry

I like this. It reinforces the mental model I like people to have while using Manager that the program is just a repository of accounting documents which can be summarized by various reports.

Yes that how i am using it right now i enter in data and use the reports to see where the money is. it is a balance between you and google docs right now. that could also have some thing to do with me seeing my numbers in different ways.