Desktop User Interface Customization Request

I have been happily using your product for a year and my request may seem so trivial as to not be worthy of consideration. I think you can take that as quite a compliment.

My most visited screen is the home page for Journal Entries and because I only perform the accounting functions of this enterprise a couple of times per month, I most often want to make some posting that I have made before, but do not have memorized, and cannot simply be made a “recurring one.” For that use case, being able to scroll backwards and forwards through the Journal Entries becomes a key determinant of my productivity. Unlike similar scrolling list facilities in other software, you have not provided a means whereby I can control the length of a
‘page’ of entries. Of course that will be “different strokes for different folks” and I would not attempt to dictate what others might find most useful. I would just like to be able to make that “ease of use” decision for my configuration of monitors rather than having to deal with your default of 50.

Have you tried including a unique string in your journal entries description (eg your or your companies name). You could then search for that string and all your journal entries would be listed together.