Navigation - Jump directly to specified page

Is that a question? A suggestion? Can you provide more details?

Is there any way to navigate directly to specific pages within the bank account rather than having to go through one by one to get to the required page?

How would you suggest the desired page be identified in advance?

By date. I have about 75 pages in the bank account and can generally guess within 2 or 3 pages which one I want. It would be much quicker to go straight to one of these rather than have to scroll through from the beginning each time.

If you know the date, search by it and you will have a list of transactions from that date.

Agreed, but it still doesn’t open a page, so you can’t search around that date.
Thanks for such prompt response.

So I go back to my earlier question. How would a page be identified in advance? In other words, what information do you envision putting into some sort of address or search field that would, for example, directly open a 90-day-old sales invoice? And where and in what form would this information be presented, since you obviously cannot expect a user to remember the equivalent of a URL for every transaction that may have been entered.

Actually, I can see the usefulness of this. For any list that can be ordered by date (sales invoices, billable time, reimbursable expenses, etc.), there could be a “jump to” calendar drop-down that takes you to the page that begins with the last item prior to the selected date.

When you have 1,000 billable time entries and you want to find the ones for September 2015, it would be nice to be able to select Sept. 30, 2015 from the drop-down calendar and automatically be taken to the page that contains the Sept. 30 (or 29 or 28), 2015, items and goes backwards from there.

So if I understand correctly, @epshleyh, you are not actually requesting to be able to jump to and open a transaction (such as a payment, receipt or invoice), but rather to be able to jump to a page in a listing (such as page 42 of 74). Is that correct? I agree that would be useful.

@lubos has mentioned a goal to improve search capability in general. Would your desire be satisfied if you could specify a search range instead of just search text? (It seems @Jon’s would.) Or do you really think we need the ability to go to a known page number, as you might when reviewing search engine results?

I am currently trying to migrate all my business from the last seven years onto Manager. Its now there, but with lots of errors (generally my finger trouble). I am forever having to go back to put mistakes right or to add further transactions as they come to light.
Your solution of being able to jump to a range would certainly help if these transactions could then be amended or added to, but to be able to open a page and carry on from there would be ideal.

I do really miss this standard functionality as well.

Currently manager allows only navigate page by page (or jump to last/first page)

Standart practice (Amazon example)

Navigating by month is a bit too complicated, I haven’t see working and usable example anywhere yet.

If we had 10 pages to click at a time you can get to page 40 in 4 clicks opposed to 40 clicks right now, simple to implement and very useful.

I’m not disagreeing with you. But Manager has a functionality web sites like you describe do not: the Search function. Why bother clicking through pages at all, since it is unlikely you actually know what page the transaction you want is on. Enter some aspect of the transaction–date (even part of a date), customer, description (just a key word will do), amount–and see the options immediately.

I do believe all sites/apps have search, we are talking basic navigation here, not search.

It is not user intuitive, you need to learn application specific functionality, rather then operate without thinking how to get were you want to get.

Search is great but there is still cases when you want to jump over 2-3 pages to find related record.

You can’t search on Apr, Mar, May 2015 just to see if same transaction name changed because customer is paying from different account or other similar scenario.

You trying to invent bicycle here, paging works and it has its uses different from search, that’s why it is defacto standard. Choosing how many records per page would be great too, because one could fit it in their screen without scrolling down to get to next page.

No they don’t. Do a Google search; you can’t search the results, you can only do another search or guess at a page and jump to it.[quote=“isklerius, post:14, topic:5110”]
You can’t search on Apr, Mar, May 2015

Actually, if you use a DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD date format you can, because Manager does a literal string search.

Sorry you see it that way. I’m trying to point out features of the program that, in many situations, are more useful than what you are requesting. And if you’ll reread my earlier post, you’ll see my first statement was that I am not disagreeing with you.

Sorry Tut didn’t want to offend anyone.

I do agree that managers search capability is amazing.

What i was trying to point out that search and navigation is 2 different functionalities and both have their uses.

ps You can do very specific google searches limit by dates, pages etc, but they still include pagination. Google it and you will be amazed how much you can do and nobody uses it :slight_smile:

I know all this. My point was that once you’ve done your search, whether advanced or basic, you can’t further search the results. Yes, you can jump pages if you know where you want to go, but there is no way to know that. The same would be true in Manager. In my opinion, it is better to rely on Search than it would be to guess at page numbers.

Anyway, no offense taken. And your page selection request certainly would not get in the way of anything.

Thank you :slight_smile: