Version upgrade Reopened my closed invoices

Dear Colleagues,
I have received a payment of Rs. 3598.92 for below invoice and invoices was closed in the previous version but once I updated the software to the latest version on 1 April it makes these invoice as open
below screenshot of invoice and payments


in below case, the invoice is adjusted with the journal adjustment but adjustment didn’t close the invoices.
below sample screenshots


journal entry for Raju traders done on customer level in the previous version it was closed but in the version, it re-open the invoices

below screenshot for the previous version

screenshot with the latest version which re-open the closed invoices

Sorry, can you show the edit screens and also a list if customer transactions

below old version edit screen

New Version edit screen

New version Transaction in the statement

old Version Transactions in statement

It is not clear what the two edit screens are showing - the amount on the invoice 3,578.92 do not appear in either transaction statement

It is not clear what the transaction statements are showing as we can not see the date.The opening balances are not the same which would seem to imply that there is a problem with the dates of the transactions and/or statements

It would be clearer if you drill down on the customer balance and show how the balance is made up

Dear What exactly i have to share with you. complete PDF file i can not upload because system is not allowing to do so? can i share in multiple screenshots?

What I would like to see is the list of transactions on the customers account by clicking on customers and then the customer in question balance. This will list all the transactions on the customers account - invoices, payments, etc

Yes, multiple screen shots will be fine

Also you have shown invoices for walk-in customers - why are you raising invoices for these rather than just doing doing a Receipt? Invoices are usually only used for customers you have credit accounts and who pay you later not at the time of sale

after new version


old version status

receipts against what? i think receipts only be against invoice. for counter sale i am using standers walk in customer creating invoice and receiving money. if any other easy way for counter sale please suggest.

You are just showing me the sales invoices - I need to see all the transactions

Click on the Customer tab, image
Click on the - or amount in the Accounts Receivable column

which will display all the transactions for that customer - invoices and receipts

Instead of creating an invoice and then receiving the payment just Receive the payment with details of the products and quantities

Thanks, Joe91, I am attaching the first the page becuase for this customer i have 26 pages

below is the old version detail

new Version detail

On the 3rd March you have a balance of 5,240 outstanding in the new version and 0 in the old version. You need to keep going back till you find where this 5240 comes from. If you are recording the payments of the invoices each day, then you should always have 0 at the end of the day.

This isn’t the first time you have problems after updating the software, so I am thinking that there is something wrong with how you proceed with updates. It looks like you keep two copies of manager going at the same time and this is sure to cause problems

Finally, unless you have a good reason for using invoices to record the sales, I would switchto just using the Receipt transaction

Thanks @Joe91 for your great support i will re visit all again. But not sure why in new version all calculations changed.
Please guide if i use only receipt payment for walk in customer than how i will identify to whom product been sold out and how reversal been done

You cannot keep track of customer history using the cash sales method of receipts only. However, you already cannot do that, because you are lumping these all together as Walk-in Customers. Read this Guide:

Your entire first post, in which you describe the problem, makes no sense. But it points out several problems:

  • Every screen shot you show in it appears to be from a different transaction—Invoice 6528, Receipt 6528 (which has no relationship to Invoice 6528), Invoice 6518, Journal Entry 2538. Nothing can be determined by looking at unrelated transactions.
  • Nothing can be determined by looking at lists or View screens, either. As @Joe91 wrote, you need to post screen shots of Edit screens, showing the entire screen.
  • The biggest problem is that you seem to be trying to apply receipts against sales invoices with journal entries. You cannot do that. All transactions involving movement of money into or out of the business must be entered in the Receipts & Payments tab. (Depending on how old your old version of the software was, that might have been the Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions tabs).

I wonder if this problem is also related to your use of backups instead of your main data file, as was pointed out in a topic you started last year.

Thanks, @Tut @Joe91. You guys are exceptional in supporting cooperation. thanks again.
I have a question related to a journal entry. We are doing to journal entry when the same customer is seller and purchase and something that purchased customer been adjusted /credit with the same customer account receivables. If this is the wrong way please suggest us the correct way. From day one we are using the same mechanism.

for the problem let me go through again for all transaction one by one and if i have any question I will bother you again(sorry for that). Also, if need to create new business and migrate only open invoices and available inventory after closing year in June is it possible because I am too worried about the current behavior of my accounts.

Using a journal entry to offset Account Receivables and Account Payables where the customer is also a supplier is correct

There is no need to close the business and open a new one at the end of the financial year. Manager is a perpetual accounting system - you just need to adjust the dates used on the Summary page

While there is no need to start over because of a new accounting period, I can understand why you might want to if you fear there are many mistakes in your existing records. You can certainly do that, although you will need to rely on closing balances from your existing records. So until you clear up any problems with the current records, there is little point in starting over.

If you decide to do it, search the Guides for everything related to starting balances. (Use the Search function.) You can use batch operations to migrate customers, suppliers, inventory items, and so forth.

Dears, finding out the problem is real problem for me and secondly when i am copying the customer detail to new business again all info not been transferred some information still kept in the old.
I am working on your idea to find the actual problem/error to keep the current business working. I am rechecking all the transactions to find out the reason and if i need any help i will bother you again. Thanks once again for your valued and great support to give me the way forward to escape from this issue.

@Tut is there a way to to reconcile customer transactions with new version to previous version account to identify the mismatches

@Tut @Joe91,
I think below is the real cause of the issue
as per below transactions receipts being generated before the invoice which is causing all issues. for example, sale invoice 6404 generated for Rs 9900 but its receipts with the same transaction ID ( we are maintaining manually to track the invoice and payment ) is created before the invoice generation causing account wrong. but actually, we created invoice first and than receive the money for the invoice. Please suggest how to solve this.