VAT workflow


My question is the next.
I´l see on my balance within the VAT rules.
That it is booked twice negative.
Also to pay and to receive.

See the copy

Belastingen − 9,27
1500 Af te dragen BTW 21% − 5,22
1510 Af te dragen BTW 6% -
1520 Te vorderen BTW 21% − 34,05
1530 Te vorderen BTW 6% -
1540 BTW te betalen -
1550 BTW betaald 30,00

Is there someone who can tell me why this is?
And is it possible to change this into a negative cash for to receive and positive for to pay

Is is also possible to make a link from the accounts 1500, 1510, 1520 and 1530 to account 1540 so that I can see in one eye what I have to pay.
On account 1550 can I see what I have payed or received, that will be booked in the bank account.

Thank you for your help.

You have not given enough information for anyone to help you. Can you:

  1. Describe how these accounts were created. Post a screen shot of this portion of your chart of accounts.
  2. Translate the account names into English, which is the language of this forum.
  3. Explain what you mean by “it is booked twice negative.”
  4. Explain what you mean by those few words, “Also to pay and to receive.”
  5. Is it possible to change what into a negative cash?

Alright I shall try to explain what I have done.

My English isn’t very well and there is no forum in Dutch.

I create in the account statement new accounts voor the VAT “in Dutch BTW”
Here you can see how I create them.

Naam = Name
Af te dragen BTW = VAT to receive
Groep = Groupe
Passiva - Belastingen = Liabilities - Taxes
BTW tarief = VAT rate
Tussenrekening = Suspense account
Beginsaldo = Beginning balance (what means on this date I start my company)

In the VAT rates “BTW tarieven”
I can choose the rate that I need for the Netherlands.
But only I can choose it once.
Even when I will make a new.
See printscreen

Then when I have created The VAT rate I will choose a account.
See printscreen

Now I have a problem because of I can choose only one of the accounts.
This will come because of I can’t create another VAT rate to couple.

So I’ll hope that I have explain myself as well now.

Thank you for your help anyway.

I am sorry. Between my inability to read Dutch and lack of knowledge about your tax codes, this does not make sense to me. But there are several very helpful Dutch forum members who I am sure will join this conversation and help you.

Hello Ditte,

I am a member of the Dutch Translation Team and maybe I can help you out.
Because of what you write and what I understand from that, you probably started with Manager not in the correct way. It is not a Dutch forum so the language used on this forum is English.
You can send a personal message.

Kind regards,

Please do not post personal contact information on this forum. You and @DittePelser69 are welcome to communicate in Dutch via personal messages. Click on your personal avatar at the top right corner of the forum page, then click on the envelope symbol and New Message.

I am editing your last post to remove the personal information.

Hi Tut,

Thanks for your mail. I didn’t know it was possible to send personal messages.

I will follow this route to help the poor girl/boy.

Kind regards


Hello Hennie,

How can I send you a personal message?
Sorry for my question, but I’am still new at this forum.

Thank you for your help.

Follow my instructions in my previous post. When you receive personal messages (PM’s) your avatar will have a little green circle with a number in it on its upper left corner. Click the avatar to retrieve it/them.

Thank you, I have found it.

I can’t figure out how to sent a PM to @Hennie or @DittePelser69. Is this because I’m a new member?
I think I have the same problem with setting up the VAT and am very interested in the solution.

Can any of you help me?
Thanks in advance.


I have send you a message.
When you click on the E from your personal avatar (it’s on the right in you screen)
you will see that there is a message when you open that you can reply me.

Good luck.

Greatz Ditte.