Nett Mutation question and a general dutch income tax question

Hello everyone,

Please help me understand why I am failing to understand the following:

When I open my ledger recap of 2019 it says that on liabilities tab- to pay VAT a strange nett mutation of 246,12. When I click it to open why, it refines that number to a -246,12 it shows red numbers for some of the dates (which I noticed to be a balance). I mean I understand you work up a minus and then pay what you own the government but some parts that I have paid are still red like for instance May of 2019.

So why those parts are red is my question while being paid.

And I suspect that there probably is a discrepancy in to pay VAT. A few years ago one of my friends and his father “helped me” with my income tax which is giving me more troubles in the long run. I’ve checked my bank accounts and receipts but I cannot find it for the life of me.

I know a bookkeeper will probably be the best solution here, at the moment I cannot afford it since the current crisis has shut me completely down

But is there a tool in manager that can help me hunt the discrepancy down myself like the bank reconciliation? Because even once I have my Q1 of this year manager still says that I own money to the government but I can’t pinpoint the issue. And I want to see a nice friendly 0 there when I pay my quarterly VAT tax

Also I’m on the answer hunt, to my fellow Dutch users:
I’m also confused about the final number (1209) it says on the end balance of the 2019 ledger recap because it’s different then the rapport manager made for Q4 (1099). So do I need to fill in 1209 or 1099 in my income tax? (which is a yearly drama for me)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Martijn,

This forum is meant for questions about the software, not for how to solve your accounting problem.
I am a Dutch user and maybe I can help you out.
Send me a private message with your details.