VAT Report Order Bug

On my live version - 20.7.31 all my VAT Calculation Worksheet reports display in chronological order.

On the new version (which I downloaded to see how the new customer/supplier linking worked) - 20.8.89 - One of my VAT Calculation Reports is at the top and all the others are in chronological order.

I have changed nothing - I simply did a backup of my live Server version (running July version) and imported into a desktop version running latest version.

But for some reason, the 1st Jan to 31st March 2019 is at the top despite the fact that all other reports are in chronological order from the 1st April 2015 to 30th June all the way to 1st April 2020 to 30th June 2020!

It’s not a problem, but not sure why it is doing it and wondering if it might be symbolic of a bigger issue.

Just updated to version 20.9.60 to have a look at the new report transformations. This “bug” is still here. Anyone else seeing this?

While I understand your issue are you able to provide screenshots to assist with illustration ?

Here is a picture of the old and new look! All I did, was backup from the live, install new version and import. Nothing else was changed.

Old (Live) version

New Test Version

If you look at the first row in the New Manager version, you will see what I mean. It’s not a problem, just a very strange “bug” and I only noticed it by chance, because I was checking the VAT returns between the old and new Manager versions to see if they were all the same after all the changes with the Tax reporting.

I moved this topic to bugs. While I agree it causes no large problems, it seems a consistent sort routine should be followed. And the new sort (most recent followed by oldest to newest) isn’t particularly useful.

Yes, but the weird thing is that it is not showing the latest first, then oldest to newest. The return at the top is the Jan- march 2019 Vat return. That is last year’s March return. My latest return is June 2020 which is at the bottom where it should be.

The entry at the top should be six from the bottom. Which is why it is so weird. Seems no logical reason for the that to be at the top.

Ah, yes. I scanned only part way down the list. So it is even more inexplicable.

Should be fixed in the latest version (20.9.70)

Thank you. That seems to have fixed it.