Date Order - GST Return


Since GST Return was moved to — Report Transformations the date order seems “out of order”. The screen shot below shows what I mean 2019 year mixed with 2020 year. Or maybe this is how its supposed to show.
I am using Version 20.7.94

Many thanks

Have you tried clicking on From or To?

Is this the order the report transformations were created in, or did you create them in chronological sequence? Reports generally appear by default in the order they were created, most recent on the bottom.

Hi Tut

Yes it seems to add to the bottom of the list each time a report is created. I just thought that when a report was created it would be placed in chronological order.


As an aside @Grandpa, and there maybe a justifiable reason for this, but your report dates appear to be all over the place. Taking the first two in the listing, from Aug 1 2019 to Sep 30 2019 and from Sep 1 2019 to Oct 31 2019.

Normally, GST Returns are per calendar quarter and don’t have overlapping periods, such as in the above examples where Sep is being included in both reports. Just puzzling.


Hi, The reason for “being out of date” is that I was comparing GST returns to another programm to ensure that I had everything correct in Manager.

Thanks for taking a look.


Hi Guys,

I have deleted all my GST reports and started again, in strict chronolgical order, however Manager is date sorting as per the screenhot. So it would appear to me there is a date sort problem.
GST Report 27_07
Comments would be appreciated


A possibility - If you have created all these on the one day, then they maybe out of sync as the created reports are only date stamped, not date and time stamped. Try creating them on separate days, one after the other, as this is how they would have occurred in the real world.

The date stamp is a background system process, not the report date parameters.


Problem solved. I hadn’t “imported” the GST thru Transformations, when imported then setup, the date problem seems to have dissappeared.
Thanks fr your help.