Bug in VAT Calculation Worksheet

The current version is showing boxes 6 and 7 with Pounds and Pences. I presume that box 8 and 9 (which I never use) will be the same.

Boxes 1-5 need to show Pounds and Pences which they do and is correct. Boxes 6-9 need to show Pounds rounded only. They are currently showing pences as well and presumably not rounding?

When I did my last VAT return end September this problem was not present unless I did not notice it. I would have been running the 20.7.31 version back then. I suspect that the problem was introduced mid August as there was an issue with the VAT Calculation Worksheet around that time - VAT Report Order Bug which may or may not be related to the current problem.

Because drill down of values in now supported, the new localisation do not round any more.

Maybe re-adding it could be a useful enhancement, maybe not??

The developer has expressed his view that localized reports should show full accuracy. Rounding is up to the user if required by local rules. The idea is that you should be able to fully confirm the report compared with recorded transactions. The report is a worksheet, not a government filing.

I’m not sure I made the right call on this one after all.

You can already enable rounding on built-in reports. So I guess having rounded figures on country-specific reports is not as much harm.

From my point of view there are three issues.

The UK has Making Tax Digital which means that I export the VAT figures from Manager to Excel using the Vat Calculation Worksheet button specifically created for this. Therefore Manager needs to be accurate so that whatever is exported to Excel and subsequently uploaded to Tax Optimiser is accurate. No longer is editing of figures allowed, so manually rounding up or down or changing any figures is not allowed anymore. The whole point of MTD is to eliminate copying and typing errors.

This time, the pences were below 50 pence, so Tax Optimiser showed the correct amount as it effectively removed the pences. I don’t know what will happen should I try to upload when it needs to be rounded up - whether Tax Optimiser will automatically round up or just remove the pences.

So in this case @Tut the VAT Calculation Worksheet is not just a report or worksheet. It is being used via the export and import to file the VAT return.

Second issue is that the VAT Return should really be consistent with what you file with your tax authority as this is the main one this report would be compared with. For most users this would be far more important than comparing with recorded transactions which the tax summary could be used for in any case. Otherwise you will have many other people reporting a VAT bug!

Last, most users that Manager is aimed at, would not know when they need to round up or down for filing their VAT return. For any other report, it wouldn’t bother them in the slightest, but when submitting a payment to the government for taxes, the expectation is that the user get it right, no excuses. Manager has always been able to provide this functionality for the user in the past and should continue to do so in my opinion.

I don’t think HMRC or any other tax authority is going to come after you for rounding differences!

No obviously not. However that is not the point. My point is that the calculation worksheet has always been accurate in the past so why break this now. Secondly, it is more important in principle to be accurate with HMRC than with any aspect of Manager as far as I am concerned even if we are only talking about a rounding error here.