Value of goods not updating for manufactured products

Here is the problem im facing. we are into production of various concrete articles. so i entered the raw materials in inventory including number of articles and values.

as you see above cement of 100 bags valuing 32500, sand of 100 ft @ 4000 and baby chips @ 2500. and fresh concrete is 0 mtrs.

now in production order entered the details as below

therefore it has deducted the values from raw materials and added to the produced material (fresh concrete) as below

now with fresh concrete and some other materials i had raised another production order

now see what happens

quantity is being reduced but value in hand is not been updated. this is the problem im facing.

is this a bug or did i miss some thing in the process?

It appears that you don’t have a “cost” value (the black figure is blank for that item.
So when you transfer out 22, there is no cost to multiple it by - so the total value can’t change
For example, your 1st item has a cost of 325, when you transferred out 1, the total valued reduced by 325.

I think the issue is that when you make production orders on the same day which depend on each other, Manager could process them in wrong order. I think the solution is to introduce some sequence number field or something so Manager would process production orders in correct sequence.

Just out of curiosity, what happens when you change the date of the second production order to one day later?

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Hi lubos,
yes, after changing the date its taking the value too. as you said chagned the 2nd production order date and it took the quantity and value too.

but what could be permanent solution as i do have lot many production orders in a day sequentially and it will be continous for days.

The latest version (16.5.70) will allow you to set Priority on production orders. So if you have multiple production orders on the same date, you should use this field to make sure production orders are processed in the right order.