Can I do verification and approval?
Cash voucher

You need to furnish more information, @khaled_shehab. What exactly do you mean by verification and approval? There are many ways transactions might be verified and approved, and many ways such actions might be recorded.

Also, what do you mean by “cash voucher?” There is nothing in Manager named “cash voucher.” Please use terminology from the program.

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Irrespective of the good response from @Tut it seems you seem to expect some automated authorization pathway which Manager has not (yet) implemented. You can search the forum for discussions on this.

That is, I cannot issue a cash disbursement document without the approval of the manager

Remember that your accounting program is not intended to be an approval mechanism. It is designed to record what has happened. Nevertheless, Manager can record who approved a transaction by using custom fields. See the Guides for examples of how to do that.

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