Kind of invoice

Why is there no choice in the sales and purchase invoices for the type of invoice: deferred, cash, or visa?

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The invoice does not dictate the payment method. Once you assign a receipt to a Sales Invoice it will indicate where it came from.

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All invoices imply deferred payments or receipts. They can all be settled by cash, cheque, credit card, electronic transfer, etc.

I researched the topics before sending and also tried the program and researched it a lot
But the answer that you answered is not what I want. I want to edit the bill itself, the field for choosing the type of bill, cash or term, and the network options. Do you understand, my dear?
I work as an accountant in companies and I know the billing requirements, but the method that you are using is the method of payments with receipts, and this is illogical and it is assumed that the method that I am talking about exists.

Like this

There is nothing in Manager called a “bill.” The example in your screen shot looks like some special combination of sales invoice, receipt, and delivery note, all combined on a single screen. Manager has nothing like that. Because Manager’s functional tabs are individually selectable, they are also independent. A cash (non-credit) sale can be recorded with only a receipt. A credit sale is recorded with a sales invoice that is settled with a separate receipt transaction, referencing the receivable. As I wrote earlier, all receipts can be by any method of transferring funds.

If you want the features of whatever software you took the screen shot from, you should use that software. You will not get those particular features with Manager, because the program is not designed that way.

First, thanks for the reply
Secondly, the picture sent is an invoice, not a group
Thirdly, the program that I use is for the company in which I work, and I want these options not for fun, but I want the program for another institution that a friend of mine works in. He is looking for a program, and I found your program is good, but it lacks some important things such as what I mentioned to you, and also in the products (the unit) are cards or a dozen Or a pill, and so on in the item options upon registration, and there is also no invoice number or receipt or payment voucher number
Thank you for your efforts

So you may claim. But it combines exchange rate and payment type, which are separate features in Manager. Manager will accommodate all the information listed in your example, including Warehouse, Cost Center, Currency, and much more, but not in the exact same manner. When you choose an accounting program, you need to accept its underlying design philosophy, no matter what you are accustomed to.

It is not clear what you complaining about here. You seem to be referring to units of measure for inventory items. In Manager, the unit can be anything you want to enter when you create an inventory item.

That is simply not true. All transaction types in Manager allow either manually entered or automatically sequenced reference numbers. If you think they do not, you have not looked into the program very thoroughly or reviewed the Guides.