Posting account need to be displayed on the Vouchers

Currently the voucher is only displaying the description. Which is awesome but when different people are doing the accounting in the system we need posting account as well. Is there a way in the current accounting system i.e. while viewing any document type we can see the posting account code as well in Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher.

This is also one of the most demanded feature by all the senior people who check the printout for approval.

No accounting software I know of includes account designations on printed forms. These forms often go to customers and suppliers, who have no business knowing your internal accounting structure. Manager is intended to be used on a computer, not as a glorified printer of manually reviewed and handled documents. If people need to review accounting processes, they should have access to the program, where all account allocations can be seen by clicking Edit.

My Dear Friend TUT

Please understand we are multi team of 15 people with us. They all put the entries and put the voucher at my table. Now for every purchase invoice. I need to go to every voucher inside the software to check the account code where the acutal entry is posting.

It is the mandatory feature where people are working on a paper based environment in most of the countries the tax authorities do want a paper based environment.

You can do it like this that you made the option that while priting the document that the account code should be displayed or not. But trustme for internal payment this is a highly needed feature.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali

This sounds like a lot of wasted duplicate effort - don’t you trust the ability of those inputting the data. How many do you find wrong, if many, then better training is required not double checking.

Alternatively, why don’t you get them to write the account used on the voucher before putting it on your table - then you don’t have to double check inside the software…

Tax authorities may or may not prefer paper-based environments. My experience is that they have no preferences, so long as you can adequately justify your claimed income and expenses. Which accounts you post transactions to are generally internal preferences, not requirements of tax authorities. In those cases where accounting structures are mandated for corporate entities, Manager may not be an appropriate accounting choice anyway, due to the required complexity of record-keeping. Yet even then, the ledgers of the accounts will be the necessary proof, not the indication of an account on an individual printed voucher.

I offer just one more observation. No one else is asking for this capability that I know of. No one reports that their tax authorities demand paper records or that those records must show account allocations. This causes me to conclude you are asking for program modifications specific only to your specific practices for double-checking others’ work performance.