Cash Voucher and Bank Voucher Printing


I having trouble with printing of cash vouchers and bank vouchers in desktop edition. Either this function is not provided or I may not getting the information to get this thing. Please guide.


When you refer to a bank voucher do you mean a payment voucher which is used for payment approval and when you refer to a bank voucher do you mean a bank deposit slip used for stamping by the bank teller?


Yes I mean this as for accounting record purpose a system generated voucher is required to be attached. As in the case of journal entry a voucher can be printed. And also in ledgers there is no reference of the entry with the help of which physical record can be accessed.


How i want to print out bank & cash voucher?


You can’t. At least not yet.

How does this bank/cash voucher should look like anyway? Any examples?


Company Name No.
Company Address Date
Phone, fax & email

Pay to : …
with total sum of : …

for purposes of : …

$9,999.99 … …
Cash/Cheque Authorization by Received by

something like that of the payment voucher