Cash Voucher and Bank Voucher Printing

I having trouble with printing of cash vouchers and bank vouchers in desktop edition. Either this function is not provided or I may not getting the information to get this thing. Please guide.

When you refer to a bank voucher do you mean a payment voucher which is used for payment approval and when you refer to a bank voucher do you mean a bank deposit slip used for stamping by the bank teller?

Yes I mean this as for accounting record purpose a system generated voucher is required to be attached. As in the case of journal entry a voucher can be printed. And also in ledgers there is no reference of the entry with the help of which physical record can be accessed.

How i want to print out bank & cash voucher?

You can’t. At least not yet.

How does this bank/cash voucher should look like anyway? Any examples?

Company Name No.
Company Address Date
Phone, fax & email

Pay to : …
with total sum of : …

for purposes of : …

$9,999.99 … …
Cash/Cheque Authorization by Received by

something like that of the payment voucher

What version are you using, this topic has been dead for 7 years. You can generate a receipt document and more with Manager. You can customize the appearance of documents to whatever you want.

See an example below:


How do i include the statement below the voucher

@Timms, it is not at all clear why you joined this completely outdated, seven-year-old discussion. Without a single comment, you posted an image that has nothing to do with Manager. Now, you have asked how to “include the statement below the voucher.”

There is nothing in Manager called a voucher. So what are you referring to by that? And what statement are you trying to include? No one can help if you do not provide information about your question or need.