Customise payment vouchers

Can we customise payment vouchers to include prepared, authorised, approved, and received by ??

No, as those actions, prepared, approved, authorised, would form part of an internal management process that would occur prior to the processing of the accounting transaction, rather then occurring belatedly during the payment creation.

Thanks. Thought this will be a wonderful one if the function could be incorporated to assign tasks to different levels. For example when someone prepare the payment voucher another person to authorise the payment.

Also want to know if the option to auto generate voucher number for each cash account is possible in near future?

Despite what another user has answered, you can create custom fields for Payments under Settings >> Custom Fields. These can include single-line text formats, which produce an empty box if you leave them blank. You can title them to indicate whatever you wish. There have been several discussions of this on the forum if you will search for the topic.