Utility deposits


How do you record utility and other types of security deposits? I tried to find the advance for suppliers but it never showed up where i expected it too. Also saw that you are incorporating a more segmented approach to reporting in the way of groupings. Can we have a field for account numbers?

Is there a way to create a new item when in a different area; like create an inventory item button opening into a new window without leaving the purchase order module?

Great program so far. Just still getting into it.


I just found the suppliers advance button. Can it be kept unused or does it have to be applied ? The deposit I need could last for years. Just trying to keep things linked in the system without making a lot of duplication of steps.


And I am getting it, it is just not really in your face. You have to dig and try.

Great program


Figured this one out. Also figured the groupings on the chart of accounts. Account numbers would be awesome. I tried adding numbers to the name but realized I cannot edit anything on system accounts. A field that we could edit there would be AWESOME.


This will be implemented but can’t tell when because it belongs to “nice to have” category and there are still more important features to implement.

Yeah, this is one of those more important features that I’m actually half-way through so expect it pretty soon.


The latest version (14.4.41) now allows to edit name of any account in Chart of accounts (including control accounts).

Also, there is a new field called Code in top-right corner when editing an account in Chart of accounts which will allow you to set account number.


if it could assign an automatic number too, I think it would be great


Awesome response. We got to get the word out about this Monster


Love the account number i.e code field. Unable to see it on the report though. Is there some type of report generator coming or am I missing something.

This is a great platform


The latest version (14.4.44) now has checkbox Account codes in top-right corner when creating/editing Trial Balance or General Ledger Summary report. If you check this checkbox, account codes will show on those two reports.

What other reports you need account codes visible on?