Advance payments to Supplier


Am loving this Software. I am using Desktop Version 14.2.44

Any Advance Payment to supplier is not updating on the Summary Page. Also when I click on Suppliers, it shows the Name, Contacts, Advance payments (if any) and balance of the supplier.

Now on that page, It clearly shows the balance that I owe the supplier after the payment, but it does not indicate the value of the advance payment…

Thanks for the great work…


How do you categorize advance payment to supplier? If you are paying supplier for particular purchase invoice, you need to use Accounts payable account but if the payment is actually prepayment, then amount must be categorized to Supplier advance payments account.


I still cannot see the supplier advance payments account. I have enabled suppliers and created 2 of them.

Should the account appear in the dropdown account lists on the journal?


Yes, the account will appear in the dropdown list of accounts.

If you like, send backup file of your business entity to and it will be investigated further. Perhaps you’ve discovered a bug or there is some misunderstanding.