Payments module?

I am a new user (Calgary guy) currently using Quickbooks and hoping to switch over to Manager. What is missing for us is the lack of a way to handle customer payments within Manager itself. Something like the Credit module but for Payments. As it is now, we can only match bank payments to invoices and this is difficult to do when a bank deposit contains payments from more than one customer or invoices have not been created or customer prepays etc. The matching information in the invoice drop down list doesn’t contain enough information (not even customer name). There may be workarounds like setting up an undeposited funds account etc. but it should be easier than that. Currently when we select invoices from the drop down list the list keeps growing as more invoices are added making it more difficult to find and select the right one. This behavior raises fears of how the software will function as data entries grow into the future. Will it become unusable quickly? What to do then? Trust it will be modified? Am I missing something?

Sorry Drop down list (in accounts receivable) does include customer name but not amount or date of invoice. Still difficult to choose if there is more than one from a particular customer and the list includes both allocated and unallocated invoices and grows large. Search functionality helps. Drill down would help also.

A couple of weeks back I was having the same issue. I have a lot of recurring payments, meaning quite a few invoices per a customer.

However, to pay off an Invoice now I click the Invoices tab, click the invoice, scroll to the bottom and then ‘Receive money from customer’.

Manager has been designed to deal with insane amount of data, a lot more than Quickbooks. At the moment, user interface doesn’t reflect this capability but it’s only because it’s problem most users don’t have yet.

There will be mechanism to “close” invoices which will remove them from dropdown menu under Accounts receivable account. So you will always see only open invoices which means this list will contain only relevant options.

Regarding customer/supplier prepayments, there is no module for this but it is something I have in mind and looking forward to work on. Unfortunately at the moment, you would need to use some general ledger account for this as you have suggested.

Both of these ideas will be implemented in December or January.

Thank you Lubos for your comments. I am encouraged to stick it out with Manager. I still feel the power of the design of this software and look forward to future improvements.

After further thought, the current problem with Manager payments capabilities boils down to the bank recording a deposit of several customer cheques and cash into a single “cheque”. They will do cheques and cash separately and I suppose each cheque separately but this puts the Manager problem into their hands and is an unusual and arbitrary request for bank tellers each and every time. I’m not sure this was addressed in your earlier remarks for future development of payments handling capabilities. Thank you.

Well, there will be module for this workflow too. The tab will be called “Deposits” and when you create new deposit, you will be able to specify for which invoices it is for. If one deposit represents 20 cheques from 20 different customers, so be it. If there are any prepayments mixed in, it will handle it as well.

One of the core principles behind Manager is that the software must adapt to how you run the business, not the other way around.

Any time frame? for this functionality (20)

As a workaround possibility, I’ve created an asset account called “undeposited funds” and a bank account called “deposits”. I then pay invoices directly from the invoice view receiving it into “undeposited funds” recording all payment information. Then I edit the bank deposit to reflect multiple payments by adding entries from “undeposited funds”. I end up with 2 matching totals in the summary page (if I do it correctly) one positive and one negative in Cash at bank account “deposits” positive and other assets account “undeposited funds” being negative. In future similar steps wold be handled internally I’d expect. Do you foresee any problems if I carry on this way? Thank you.

Not sure if I like bank account called “Deposits”. Until proper module is implemented, why not just use journal entries to credit Accounts receivable and debit Undeposited funds?

Then once deposit shows up in your bank account, just categorize the transaction as Undeposited funds

Much simpler in my opinion

OK will do. Thank you. Much appreciated.