Using tracking codes to determine profitability of shipments

Hi Tuts,
I run freight forwarding firm and have over 30 shipments with tracking codes but unable to analyse it in profit and loss for each item. The purpose is not to forget to invoice and item and also to calculate profit and loss for each shipment.
Each time clcik on report and on the tracking code, the information gathered is irrelevant to the tracking code being analyzed.

Can you advise how best to use the tracking code to work for multiple entrires.

@Eby77, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours had nothing to do with showing tracking codes as a column. It has been moved to a separate topic.

Read about tracking codes here: They were not designed to compute profit for individual items. And they will not help remind you to invoice or compute profit on a shipment.

Other than that, I do not know what you are asking about. Click on what report?

Mr.Tut, this is not a message to the forum, it is a direct message to you for advise. It was not intentional to post it to the forum or broadcast it ( If is was posted in the public forum).
Thanks all the same.

@Eby77, you posted your message on the public forum as a response to another topic. I moved it to its own topic, also on the public forum.

Even if you had sent it to me as a personal message, I would have moved it to the public forum. As a moderator, I answer questions with general applicability only on the public forum so others can learn and exchange ideas. The only messages I answer privately are those with proprietary or personal information.

I am sorry about that, Ir was my first time.