Tracking Codes for sales and expanses

In the Guides Description for Tracking Codes allow to track income and expenses by:

  • Job
  • Region
  • Division
  • Sales person
  • Rental property

Still I can’t understand how. How the report show job net profit.
Also same for expenses.

After you have created tracking codes under Settings, you must indicate the appropriate code for every transaction. The rest is automatic.

But Tracking Exception Report not showing any thinks,only report for transaction without tracking goods
How the report working
Nothing in Profit and Loss Statement also.


Are you on the latest version of Manager.

When you go into Profit and Loss statement you have the ability to select a tracking code and add comparative columns. However this functionality may have been introduced in a newer version than the one that you are running if you are using an old version of Manager.

I use the tracking codes in profit and loss statement reports with no issues. Go into reports, open profit and loss statement, click new report and then select your tracking code and select comparitive columns if you want more tracking codes

Thanks for your support.
I got it ,The report good