Calculate Tracking Codes Totals

Hi All, quick question.

Let’s suppose we have a total of 10 tracking codes. However, when doing the Profit and Loss report I select to show only 2 of these as columns. Is there a way for the report to show a 3rd column with the sum of the 2 tracking codes I’ve selected? This would be useful.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

You cannot with the current standard Reports. You can obtain something (not in columns) under Custom Reports. Maybe with Report Transformation

Thank you! This is what I thought but maybe I was missing something.

It would be useful though to have it by default on the Profit and Loss

The easy way to get such a report is to copy the report with the columns for the two tracking codes you want, paste it into a spreadsheet, and add a column to calculate the sums.

Thank you @Tut. That’s what I will do