Using the Cloud Edition

Two months ago I hired the Cloud Edition for my bookkeeping service, but my clients do not want to use it for the following reason:

Overwrite administrator and user rights (they simply will not create any user rights to them, that is, I can log in at any time under their username and change their settings That do not agree).

In my opinion, I have one question if I cancel my subscription under these user information and later I want to reactivate this version again if I can do it again under the same user information or I will have to create new user information.

I’m sorry but as long as there are no changes in this field in this regard, I’ll simply cancel my subscription to the Cloud Edition.

My English is bad, I’m sorry

I don’t really understand the issue you are having with your clients but when you reactive cloud edition, you will see all your data as before.

If your client wants to control user rights, they should subscribe to the cloud edition and be the administrator. They can create you as a user with limited permissions. But if you subscribe and create the client as a user, you will be the administrator and control permissions.

@lubos maybe Super Admin versus Delegated Admin? What I meant you Have IT admin to solve IT issues, then you have delegated admin role for operation. the super admin is the top tier and would be rarely use and can’t be override by delegated admin. ALong that line?

Lubos, I had a good intention to make it easier for them, but they do not want me to create a user account, they want their control tab so they can create a username, code and company name, and after that I can I define the user rights. As long as I do not assign them, they would not be able to access their created base. In fact, they want to put themselves in the role of a subdistrict only for their company. I simply do not have the answer to these questions.

That’s what I suggested to them what Tut wrote in their presentation, but then there is another problem for them because they say it’s too expensive for them. Is there an optimal solution here?

If this is not possible, simply this software can not be used in bookkeeping bureaus for managing multiple clients.

My clients simply want to have a dose of privacy, at least in that respect.

Yes, Tut, I just suggested it to them.

What you are saying, @Dado, is that your clients want control, but are unwilling to pay for it. Have you considered raising your own fees enough to pay for individual subscriptions for them? They are asking for a more capable service than is available at the price they currently pay. But you can solve their problem by moving them to a higher level of service that includes a completely private and secure individual Manager account.

Tut, my intention was to give them the use of software free of charge, as a bonus because they use my services, that is my little expense in their favor.
How did you think of a higher level of service?
If you thought that for each client I individually rent the software, I think it would be too expensive for me and for them, or I did not understand you well.

You can buy only one licence for all your clients (server edition), setup a personal server somewhere and then you can manage everything on your own!

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Thanks Davide, I know that, but if he had a good set up to do it … I had a server for that option and just made me a problem (no menager), I did more than just doing the same while keeping the same with my clients accounting services. I do not think I’m going to bother with the Server Edition anymore.

The higher level of service would be independent control of user permissions. You originally offered free use of your subscription, but with you as administrator controlling user permissions.

You can use an online service provider. Non physical server, a system which is almost the same of the cloud edition with a higher level of controls.

David, that’s the same, my service users can not sign in either in Cloud or in Server Edition, which means I have to create user data in both of them. Now you tell me what the difference is between these two versions, apart from the software database location, nothing else. The administrator and user panel is the same, there are these problems.

Sorry but at this point I have to admit that I don’t understand the problem and what your client needs.

Just had a quick read and to me Dado will need to setup his clients with their own subscriptions to give them the flexibility Dado believes they need to create entities and their own users. So Tut is right Dado will need to spend money for client setup to get that level of autonomy for each client.

So he would need to buy a server licence for each client and setup a separate virtual machine for each one. Don’t know if the price of a licence for each client is too much.