Main User and restricted Users

I was asked by a client the other day, that if I drop off the face of the planet, and he is a restricted user( I have about a dozen or so businesses on my Manager and I pay the subscription), how will he be able to access his account if Im not around to renew or pay my monthly subscription? I was quite taken back there for a moment, but it is a good question. Is there anything I should put in play to put his mind at rest? thanks so much, Jan

It’s now possible for restricted users to download their backups if they have Full access (not Limited access) to their business entity.

So if your client is a restricted user with Full access to their business entity, they can regularly download backup of their business which can be then imported into free desktop edition or paid cloud edition. This way they can be in control of their data no matter what.

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Lubos, I have about 10 businesses and have set them up as restricted users- if I give any one of those business s full access, it looks as if they are able to access all of the other 9 business s info- what am I doing wrong?

All your clients must remain restricted users. Don’t upgrade them to be administrators. You are administrator.

To give restricted user full access to their business so they can make their backups:

  1. Go to Users tab at the top.
  2. Find the name of user you are setting up permissions for.
  3. Click on the name of business under their name.
  4. Under User permissions field, select Full access option.
  5. Click Update button to save changes.

Hi Lubo. I just acquired the cloud version. so now am wondering, How do my individual clients get to log in separately without passing through Admin.

Like Can I create a Short code for each one of them.
My Short cord is

Please Help. I am counting on you…

Customer portals are available on server edition only at the moment. Hopefully cloud edition will be supported this or next week. Then your customers will be able to log in.