Using One Custom Field in another

I want to use one custom field in another section. For example, I have defined a custom field
“Market Type” in Customer section and I want same field to appear in Invoice section as well.
Please help me solving this issue.
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Try creating another Custom field, with exact same name, in the Sales invoices section in Settings / Custom fields and tick both checkboxes to display. After that see if new sales invoices dont have this Market type information. Don’t think it works for already made invoices.

Thanks for your reply. However, this method didnt work.

It works. I just created a custom filed for both Customers and Sales invoice with the same details and it worked. Enter the Market type details for the customer. When you issue a sales invoice it will display the text you entered for the customer.

Create the same for both Customer and Sales Invoice

Enter details in the field for the customer.

Don’t enter anything there in the sales invoice

Sales invoice will display what was entered for the customer

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@Abeiku, spot on! :slight_smile:

Many thanks. It doesnt in fact. Under “segment”, if you define a drop down input e.g. Commercial and Retail or any other type of input, it doesnt show the same fields.
Although you have define a custom field with same name at two seperate forums yet these are two identical fields and will not help you.

You did not define your fields identically. For one you created a list, for the other you did not.

I have defined both exactly the same. Both are drop down and show as columns

My question is, is there any way to recall same custom field in another form?

No, you have not. As I wrote earlier:

By that, I mean that one of your lists has no options.

So basically you don’t want to set the segment for each customer and then have that value appear automatically in the invoices.

Instead, you want to define a custom field once and use it everywhere. Is that right?

This has already been in the Ideas for some time:

@asifhayat, let me clarify what I have been writing about. I assumed you were referring to having custom fields copy from one transaction form to another type when using the Copy to function. For that, you need to define the custom fields identically.

But in your later posts, it seems that perhaps you want to enter content in a custom field on one transaction and have it automatically available in a similar custom field on another transaction. You cannot do that. And if you think about it, the program would have no way of knowing which custom field(s) you might want to appear on which transactions, nor which content from one transaction’s custom field you might want to automatically appear in a specific transaction of another type.

The idea the @Davide is referring to in his link is a different concept entirely. He is suggesting that custom field contents appear in the same column on custom reports if their fields have the same name. He is interested in consolidating content, not having it be copied or appear automatically somewhere else.

Yes but… if you read carefully you will see consolidating is just the result. I’m asking to share custom fields around different tabs also to have common drop down menus…

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Yes, but… (to borrow your phrase), your suggestion solves the problem of Manager not knowing which transactions or content to copy to where. You would be telling the program where to apply a specific custom field, then consolidating the contents of that field from wherever it appeared. @asifhayat apparently wants custom fields to be automatically available everywhere without that step—and using current program capabilities.

Obviously, @Davide, your suggestion would get closer to the requested solution, but not all the way.

My point to @asifhayat is that there is currently no way to do what he wants, except in the context of copying one transaction type to another.

Idea: Different categories of Custom Fields - Manager Forum

The above idea was proposed by @generalegend and is similar to the one proposed by @Davide. It was posted to the forum 3 months earlier than @Davide 's idea.

At the moment the closest you can get to having a common custom field across different transaction types is to use Non-Inventory items in all transaction line items (where it is possible to do so). The custom field is created for Non-Inventory items and the data recorded in the custom field for each Non-inventory item is drawn into the transaction when selecting the Non-inventory item in the transaction line item.

However this cannot be done for all transactions such as:

  • Inventory items
  • Fixed assets
  • Automated Depreciation entries
  • Journal entries

You are right. But it would make his requirements readable by assigning this new type to every tab. Maybe @lybos could also add a button “add to all”.

My point is to define a custom field only once and have it available to recall on another transaction.
It is a standard feature and should be available. Its available in Quickbooks.
Once you define a custom field e.g. market type: commercial or retail etc. or sales rep etc. same is required at customer , invoice, delivery challan etc. there must be an option to embed that in other forms as well.
Thanks and regards

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