Using Delivery notes

Hello, I might need some help on that issue. We are now also implement delivery notes. So this is ok for us so far. We use Sales Invoice and then copy to delivery notes, fine

Our issue is now f.e. Sales Invoice is 4’000 pcs. Then we make a delivery note but only able to send 1’500 pcs. Then f.e. 2 weeks later another 1’500 pcs. However is then there any report or other issue where I could check on this Sale=s Invoice or delivery note how many pcs are still open to delivery, in this case should show 1’000 pcs.

So finally i want to know from which sales INV or delivery note if all goods are delivered or there are some still open

any feedback, support is appreciated.

This is not currently supported. But it goes back to bigger concept which will allow you to tie up these documents into logical groups.

So you would know customer was charged for 4,000 items, you delivered 3,000 items and issued credit note for 1,000 items so nothing is outstanding.

This could be implemented before end of this year.

ok, well noted, thanks