Invoices tied to Open Orders and open order printing


I have been using this software for 2 years now and it has by far been the best accounting software I have found. Recently my business is changing to more of a manufacturing then service oriented. The issue I have now is I receive PO’s for a months worth of production at one time and bill against the order biweekly. Is there any way when you create a invoice off of an order that it can change the order to show what quantities are owed still. Without this I can not track what I still owe the customer.

Also is there a way to print out a open orders for all orders showing a balance of what is owed and a required delivery date (of coarse the previous issue would have to be addressed to have a correct open orders sheet)?

Thank you

Also is there any way of showing the NAME instead of the CODE on orders, invoices and delivery notes?

Thank you

No. Sales orders (which you would enter when receiving a purchase order from a customer), are not linked to any other transaction and have no financial impact. They are really just a shortcut for entry of data, allowing copying to sales invoices, delivery notes, and so forth. You could, however, create custom fields on sales orders in which you would enter status, setting them up to show as columns so you could scan the Sales Orders tab to see which sales orders are not yet fulfilled.

No. Sales orders are not really “open” or “closed” in that sense. As noted above, they are just a way to save information.

No. The Name field is only used internally for some reports. That variable is not passed to any of the transactions you mentioned, so it cannot be shown, even with a custom theme. Codes can be suppressed with a custom theme, but anything else you want to appear on completed transactions has to go into the Description field.

My problem is not being able to track how many parts have been shipped and how many are owed. My customer issues a PO for the month. This PO will have orders for multiple non inventory items of quantities for the month. She will order 200,000 parts for the month and we invoice her every 2 days for 6000 parts. My issue is not knowing what is owed with at any time. My other custom accounting software ties invoices to open orders but it is far buggier then I like to have to rely upon.

My first question is why you are handling hundreds of thousands of parts for sale as non-inventory items. Such parts definitely fit the definition of inventory: tangible goods held for sale or production. You are bypassing numerous built-in reporting features.

Your situation is perfect for a workflow in which you create future-dated sales invoices spanning the time period of each sales order and monitor quantities yet to deliver through use of delivery notes. (Recurring sales invoices won’t work, because you cannot set them up on a 2-day interval.) The future invoices will be ignored until their issue dates arrive. Current status would show directly on the Inventory Items tab list.

why cant you try delivery notes?

once you create delivery notes
it will show you how much remaining items you need to deliver in customer tab

try it and see

@raj_nann’s statement is correct only when you have already created sales invoices. But it does raise another possibility. You could create a single sales invoice for the entire amount on the sales order, setting the due date after the end of the month, then not send the invoice until everything is delivered.

@Tut Billing at the end of the month does not work as the customer pays COD and she needs a matching paper trail for ISO reasons. I think I possibly found a way around the issue that lets me still use Manager.

Thank you for the help

Then my first solution will work. Create the future-dated sales invoices. As they become valid, the number of items to deliver will increase. Issue the delivery notes as you ship and the number will come back down.

If you came up with another approach, please share it so others can benefit.

My approach does not involve the program. The customer is now going to track what is needed each week and they determine which part number we are running each week.

Thank you again for the great software!!!