Feature Request : Delivery Note

  1. The Delivery Note currently can only be issued to enlisted Customers - selecting their names in drop down menu. Is it possible to add feature to be able to issue Delivery Note to Cash Sales Customer also who are not listed? I currently use receipt function to invoice them and write their name in Payer field according to guide Make cash sales (sell without sales invoices)

  2. Is it possible to add quantity track options in order to calculate undelivered/balance quantity?

Believe above features will be very useful. Thanks for understanding.

What do you mean by this? A delivery note lists only what is actually being delivered. It has no financial impact on your records. And it does not include pricing or other information about an order, because most businesses would not want that information in the hands of someone receiving a delivery. Undelivered orders can be handled with sales orders.

I know that the Delivery Note does not have financial affect.

What I requested for is to give out information regarding undelivered quantity against billed quantity. For clarity, say an invoice been issued to Customer X for 10 cartons. After 2 cartons been delivered, balance should show 8 cartons as undelivered. This will help to organise good delivery schedule for multiple Customers resulting on time delivery.

What you are asking for cannot currently be implemented, because it would require delivery notes to affect inventory, which they cannot do. When warehouse capability is added, you will be able to have inventory in different locations/statuses.

Noted with thanks. I do understand - currently manager decreases inventory as soon a sales invoice is created. Warehousing feature sounds very useful.

I believe many including myself issue delivery note in order track pending/delivery of sold goods. So when warehouse feature gets introduced the inventory will decrease after a delivery note issued? Please advise.

What’s your opinion on my first request sir?