Delivery notes: Items not deducted from inventory

Items added to a Delivery note without an associated sales invoice are not deducted from Inventory.

Sometimes we send a quantity of a certain product(s) to a retailer and later issue a sale invoice based on the quantity that was sold by said retailer(not the total delivered), what remains unsold is then returned, this is offered to encourage sales.

Currently, using delivery notes does not reflect a change in inventory stock of said product, is this intended ? Technically product is not sold yet, but its not in stock either.

If we send products using a sales invoice, then it is very likely that later we will need either to edit the invoice or create a journal entry for whatever quantity that will be returned, which seems not very elegant for a large number of orders.

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It is intentional. From accounting point of view, inventory count is reduced when the product is sold, not when delivered. If you deliver product, it is still part of your inventory until actually sold.

I assume this will be solved when warehousing functionality is introduced into Manager. This way you will be able to track inventory count per physical location and I imagine delivery notes could facilitate mechanism of these transfers.

Currently there is no way to see in Manager how total quantity of inventory you own is spread among retail stores of your customers.

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do you have any solution when issue warranty replacement under Delivery note that item not deducted from Inventory.

You need to issue a sales invoice with the quantity replaced but zero unit price. Then, if you are using delivery notes to track that item, you need to also issue a delivery note.

when issue under Zero amount, have mention in invoice “PAID IN FULL” How can remove this

This will help Include or exclude OVERDUE and PAID IN FULL stamps on sales invoices | Manager

Why is that a problem? The invoice is paid in full.