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I was just wondering is it possible to change the ‘From’ email field to automatically pull the email address from the user credentials?


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The problem is Manager email function works the same for users in Local Storage too and they have no user credentials. I’m going to add extra options to “Settings” tab where “From” email field can be explicitly configured. That way it will work consistently for everyone.

Hi Lubos,

Would it be possible to add a CC/BCC field when sending email ?

By way, thumbs up for this great piece of software.

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When will these changes be implemented (roughly).

I think I can do it this month. I need to create some page with all my promises so I can keep track myself as not to break any.


Maybe I’m in the minority but I find the sending of E-Mails directly from the application rather limited.Could we not have an option to send via the registered E-Mail Client (Outlook, The Bat!, or whatever) in the same way as a web page uses mailto:?

In this way you would automatically have a receipt as you normally would and the E-Mail with attachment would go with the correct corporate logos, identity, disclaimer etc. I just can’t see the value of reinventing the wheel.


The problem is that majority of users are using web-based email clients or something that is not properly hooked up to mailto: scheme. Not to mention mailto: scheme doesn’t even support attachments which is something you would need (there are some hacks to make it possible in some cases though)

If you install PDFCreator, you will be able to obtain PDF by clicking “Print” button, PDFCreator even has option to send it by email via default email client which effectively solves your problem.

Yeah, I agree a lot of users do use web-based email clients (myself included).

That’s my current method, just to print as PDF then send, takes seconds to do.

As i stated to the thread about PDF export, here: Creating PDF Document , i believe that such an function would solve this problem. In our business there is the need of formatting the email with our logos, disclaimers etc, especially in the communication with our clients. The majority of users are indeed use web-based emails, but - and i am very sure about this- the majority of corporate users, use email software (outlook & Thunderbird mostly, i can say that through the receipts we are receiving ). So the only way now is to send it to yourself, and then resend it to your customers. Another problem here is that if someone has already a database of e-mails, under the “Costumers” tab, why not he can pick an address directly from there (drop down list).

i was trying to send invoice to customers this appears " An exception occurred during a WebClient request "

What if you try to email something else, e.g. some report. Does it work?