Using Custom Fields and Reports to Maintain Wholesale Prices

Hey i thought really hard and came up with this idea of using these custom fields and reports for maintaining and using wholesale prices for reference to make quotations on wholesale prices.
but can it be further enhanced to either use inventory price list report to display wholesale prices aswell in a separate report? or in sales order or sales invoice we can use these prices like pre set sales price pops up automatically with an item selection can wholesale price also pop up if we select a certain option.
or can a new sales quote be made by manager which can be named as wholesale quotes and only offers wholesale prices. below is the model i m using for wholesale reference but issue is that the sales staff need to ask administrator for wholesale prices since we can not give access to sales staff for custom reports
we want that staff can somehow see wholesale prices for quotation but can’t see purchase prices but its not possible if we give access to custom reports although its possible if inventory price list report can somehow give wholesale price report separately.
Below are images how admin staff needs to check every time and tell the sales staff.Capture