User Restrictions _ Receipts & Payments

I have been wondering, many versions ago we had Receipt and payment tabs presented separately. The current status has these two functions in one Tab. Its is a good thing I must mention and obviously has its merits. However, my company and I assume other organizations have Accounts department divided into sections, namely: the Receivables and Payables sections. With this regard, the user restrictions to these sections is cardinal, such that only the tab with receipts be assigned to the receivables section and payables the same. This would increase control over receipts and payments. My suggestion therefore would be that current status be maintained but reintroduce the separate Tabs of receipts and payments.

But virtually identical transactions could be entered in both just by changing the sign if line item amounts.

So it would achieve minimal change in what users could do

@Mule1, the issue of separate tabs for receipts and payments was just discussed less than a week ago. The origin of the Receipts & Payments tab goes back to before you joined the forum. See my response in the other thread:

Given how purposeful and deliberate the evolution of Receipts & Payments tab was, I doubt you will see it separated now. The developer had strong reasons for creating the single tab when he did.