Maybe arguments have been exchanged already.

The separation of receipts and payments on bank accounts is nice but.

On one bank report we have both, and this separation means we need two transactions for one bank report

Can it be an option to have separated or single? (yes I know I can enter with negative sign to reverse the value)

Simple approach: could be behind the value a button Receipt/Payment


I’m not sure why this is a problem. Please explain more.

You should drill down on the account balance in the Bank and Cash Accounts tab. You will see both deposits and withdrawals.


Thanks for the reply, If we have both on one transaction we can have same order of payments/receipts as is show on the bank slip.
BTW could also a drop down after the amount column (payment/receipt).

But further: a happy user

@interfiling, you seem to be advocating for return to a combined Receipts and Payments tab. That was tried years ago and abandoned. I don’t think you should hope for its return.

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