Combine Receipts & Payments tab

I just updated Manager on my MacOS to version 21.5.16. Usually I am gladly surprised about new functions of the software, but this time I found out that the Receipts & Payments tab got split up. I manually enter all the transactions, both receipts and payments. With the split tabs I have to change tabs all of the time, which takes more time.
Is there an option to combine the tabs, or do I have to switch to an older version of Manager? If so, where can I find an older version?

Thank you very much!

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Your best option is to just accept this and keep using the latest version

And keep two tabs open: one for receipts and another for payments.

@Ealfardan that’s a good option, I didn’t know that was possible. Unfortunately, to do so I have to open the database in my browser instead of the Manager-software. On top of that I think it’s a loss that the original tab is removed. If you make any mistake by adding a transaction to the wrong tab, you have to remove the entire transaction and add a new one, instead of changing one value in the transaction.

In my opinion this update is a loss of function rather than an upgrade.

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It may seem like a loss to you, @Luc, but no function was lost. You can still do everything you could do before. The separation allows other benefits, such as separate permissions in multi-user environments and separate email templates for receipts and payments, to name just two.