Receipt & Payment separate

any method that help us to separate between Receipt & Payments ?
i mean different serial numbers ؟؟؟

In data form (table or json) there’s a field called type which distinguishes the two.
In receipts and payments and bank books the amounts do just that.

Thank you i know that , but i meant for example

Receipt # 1 , 2 ,3 , 4 …etc
payments # 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 etc

you know what i mean ?

You cannot do this automatically. Automatic sequencing includes both receipts and payments. You can, however, manually give them different reference numbers.

You could also continue with automatic reference numbers but manually insert a prefix, such a R or P. When Manager assigns automatic reference numbers, it ignores everything except numbers. So you might have R1234, P1235, and R1236. The next receipt or payment reference automatically assigned would be 1237, which you could edit to R1237 or P1237.

Honestly, though, it seems more useful to accept the combined automatic sequence. These transactions will be appearing in the same tab listings. If you want to find something, why go through two numbering schemes?

thank you for your reply i understand
why go through two numbering schemes?
because its easy to filing and easy to find what you want inside the file when you print the Receipt or payments

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The receipt and payment tab was two separate tabs in the past. It allowed users to:

  1. Have different referencing for the two types of transactions.
  2. Set who could generate both payment and receipt and who could generate only one of those Transaction types in the User Permissions settings for internal control purposes.

These 3 transaction types:

  1. Payments
  2. Receipts
  3. Inter Account transfers

Should have their tabs. I know the two have been combined for ease of access and to have data at one place but I feel they should be split.

Reference numbers are just reference numbers but sometimes they are more than just that. Sometimes they count the number of times a transaction type has occurred in a reporting period and you may want to file the printed document in a separate folder e.g 2020001 for first Receipt in the year if you know the transactions for the year is likely to be less than 100. Payment on the other Hand may run into the thousands and I don’t think it good to use the same reference number for them.

@lubos I think you should have a look at this again.

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I believe you are remembering incorrectly. The two tabs that were separate were Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions. They were merged into Receipts & Payments at version 18.8.59 in August 2018. At the same time, the Receive Money and Spend Money buttons were renamed to New Receipt and New Payment. Prior to 18.8.59, the Receive Money and Spend Money functions were buried within Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions. But both functions were available in each tab. Simultaneously, automatic reference numbers were made more flexible with the current checkbox scheme. (Until then, Form Defaults allowed only fully manual or fully automatic.)

The Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions tabs were themselves introduced in August 2017 by version 17.9.0. So they had a fairly short life. Before that, the Receive Money and Spend Money functions were hidden within the Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tabs, with no tab dedicated to transactions moving money. Inter Account Transfers was also added in this version as a distinct tab.

And prior to that, the program went through iterations where bank and cash accounts were in separate tabs, then combined in a single Cash Accounts tab, then separated again. Through all those changes, Receive Money and Spend Money were functional buttons within the Bank Accounts and/or Cash Accounts tabs.

In other words, neither receiving and spending money nor receipts and payments were in separate tabs. (The two functions did, however, once use separate forms.)

@Tut you are right I may not be remembering this well but yes separating the two transaction type would be good.

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Please dear @lubos look into this idea.

It just happened to me today when the dishonest admin printed the page that include payment transaction to suppliers. Intentionally or not, I haven’t figure it out. Though, most of the tabs (inventory,purchase invoice,good receipt) were inaccessible for general admin yet they still can see the most important data the “supplier” name on the receipt & payment tab.

Please help work on this. :pray: :pray: