User Permission to allow CREATE ONLY

Currently, the user permission options available do not include CREATE ONLY for RECEIPTS and other Entries. The option available is CREATE and VIEW. However, I want an option where a front desk person can only CREATE receipts without being able to view ALL RECEIPTS that have been created.

@lubos kindly consider this option in the restricted user settings. Thank you.

mr @Daniel_Arthur , how is it possible for the front desk people be able to check for their receipts at the end of the day ? This separation may result more of workflow jam & stuck.

Their job is to enter receipts for monies collected at front desk only. If they make any mistakes in entering data, a supervisor will review and make the necessary corrections.

The issue is that ALL ENTERED RECEIPTS are shown in a restricted view. So if there was any way that ONLY RECEIPTS entered by the front desk can be viewed by him/her that will be okay.

I am closing this topic. It duplicates a recent topic, User Permissions, on which the developer has already commented. Please continue any discussion there.