Users access with permitted action of only "CREATE"

Due to unique taxation system in our country, we have to be careful to let our past records open to a “user” with limited access. In other words, for users with limited access, while he may have permitted action to "CREATE”, for a certain access, we have to choose available option of VIEW & CREATE

This option makes the previous records (of this particular access) open to his view. This may make our company vulnerable to problem if the user “misuse” the past entries. It is therefore necessary to restrict their views to past history or records even for his given access

So, could you add an option of just “CREATE” for restricted users. That is, in addition to existing options available for permitted actions (View ; View – Create ; View – Create – Update ; View – Create – Update – Delete) please add an option of only “CREATE” that would let the restricted user only create but don’t give him access to “view” the past records.

Please do add this option URGENTLY in permitted actions of users with limited access. Please take note that it is extremely important to safeguard our business historical records to fall into unsafe hands.

To summarise, the available permitted action (with addition of function “Create”) will now be as below:

View – Create
View – Create – Update
View – Create – Update – Delete

Rgds / M. Sultan

Your suggestion will not work, because when a transaction is created, it is immediately displayed (viewed). You cannot create without viewing. But you don’t need such a restriction to protect your data. Set a lock date instead. Control which user(s) can set the lock date. See the Guide:

That is okay, what is created can be immediately displayed (viewed). At that instant, even a print out of the created transaction is no problem. What I mean, he can’t view the previous records (history) that may include input (entries) by other users too.

It will be like, when the user creates a transaction, he can view and can even print the immediately displayed (viewed) page. But, once he leaves the page, goes back, nothing is in his view of any past entries (records). He can only make a new creation without being able to view past records.

Hope I have made clear my meaning.

Your suggestion to use lock date is not applicable here (its functions is to restrict user to modify previous entries). But, the restricted user with limited access can still view and print past records for the allocated permitted action. The purpose of my requested feature is to bar the user from viewing past records even for his access. What is intended is that with his permitted actions of only *Create", he should be able to just create and view and even print the immediately created page. But, once he leaves the page or go back, he shouldn’t be able to view any previous records because he will be left with only access to “create” with no “view” option (button) on his displayed screen.

I have users with limited access where I don’t want them to view other documents that other users are creating.

It doesn’t matter ic he viewed the voucher he created, or all vouchers he is creating himself. My concern is not to give him access to vouchers created by others.