User Permission and Folders

  1. Is there a possibility to add Clone option for Users and also single click option to give only view permission to a particular user.

  2. Is there a add option to add notes to the Folders

  1. Why would you want to clone a user? A user can be assigned to as many businesses as desired. And every field on the user form would have to be changed.

  2. Use custom fields to add notes to folders, as clearly explained (with an example) in the Guides.

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A new employee with similar job roles when joins it would be easy to clone with new user name and password.
How about single click view option for a particular user.

Got that noted.

Cloning a user would only clone name, username, password, and role (administrator/restricted). That happens outside a business. The useful information is in Settings under User Permissions for each individual business. The processes are unrelated. Even if a user has access to multiple businesses, the permissions for each are totally separate.