Clone User

Will it be possible to have an option to clone a user?

If I have multiple users who will be required to have a similar set of permissions, it will be great if we have an option to clone one user so as to replicate the permissions. To take this one step further, I have 3 companies set up (basically one company but set up in 3 countries with 3 different currencies) … I would like the same permission of the person invoicing in one region to be exported and imported to another user.


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Question out of interest - why not have one company with three currencies ?

If it is the one business, you will have to consolidate the accounts manually

It depends so much on how the branches in the foreign countries are incorporated. If the branch is a stable organization you should have a separate accounting, ie a different business, with a transfer pricing.

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The reason they were kept separate was that each country run as an independent unit where they are audited separately and has their own set of tax policies and years. I had started it out as a single book but it got really complicated along the way.

Tax requirements got complicated and there was always the issue of some employee or the other giving out wrong reports to the authorities … sometimes even passing out information of the wrong location.


That sounds like a great idea.

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Let’s get this discussion back to your original question, @Paparazzi.

I do not believe it will ever be possible to clone user permissions to another business. All clones stay with the business where they originate. It might be possible to adapt batch operations in some way so you could copy a permissions database and paste it into another business. But I do not know enough about how permissions are implemented to say that with any certainty. What I can tell you is that permissions are very complicated.

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You are right about them being complex. I haven’t looked at it from that angle. But since permissions are now in the settings, maybe a batch create/update function could speed up setting permissions.

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This could have been a real time saver for me right now if it had been implemented. I was gonna suggest making permission profiles and then linking each user to a custom profile.

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Cloning a user which has varying permissions and access to different entities would be helpful to us as well. User turn over is not high in our case but the feature will be a time saver and give peace of mind that the new member will have the same access to resources as the cloned user.