Field based User permissions/Owner user Permissions

Over last few year Manager permissions got updates, its much better now.

I feel few options are still need to add here, based on what i feel after using maanger for 5+ years.

1- There should be permission so that users can update data only relevant to them.

Example. 5 users creating Quotes at same times, all can view all quotes, but if we allow “update” or “delete”, they are able to do it with any quote. user should be able to “update” or “delete” their own quote only.

2- Permissions for specific fields.

It will be good if there is permission settings so that we can restrict users to change some specfic field.

Example. 5 users creating Quotes , if “update” or “delete” is allowed, they can change anything, i want “Reference” locked or uneditable so that users cannot change it. same with custom fields, i want to restrict so that they cannot change some of fileds in Quote, invoice, Customer information etc.

Example2. A customer/Supplier is added with Tax number information, i want to lock this field so that users cannot change it ( as tax number is slways same).


Yeah this is a difficult one in my view when thinking about the examples given. The trouble I see is when staff are away or sick and the quote they have been working on needs to be modified for whatever reason. Based on this thought I feel it may be too restrictive??

  1. There will be a scurry around getting into the edit to update the quote or alternatively a copy / clone will need to be done.
  2. The Tax Number information - while static it is not really in an obvious area which will attract modification.

Have you had any real problems relating to these change issues?