Full access user should be able to add new user

Thank you manager developer for doing great work… You guys deserve some kodus

I am an administrator of manager cloud version with many businesses, I add some users with full access to specific business but I could see they don’t have the option to add new employee (add users). I think with full access they should be able to add new user to be business given access to.

Is there any option to give them the access for that? Or what did you guys think about these?

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I think that you need to be extremely careful giving administrator privileges to users. Maybe you train one trusted employee to carry out administrative tasks such as setting up new users. Please use the right terminology as you mean setting up new (system) users not employees, the latter can be done through permissions within a business see screenshot. New (system) users should and can only be setup by administrators of the Cloud and Server editions.

Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 11.31.08

Users and employee are same with my statement term, but I could see is different with system term.

Specifically I need now user with administrative access with be able to add new user to the specific business given access to!

Is this possible?

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No it is not. Users are system based and thus all businesses not a single one. Your request is illogical because if you would create a user that only can create a single business then it is better for you to create the user, assingn it to that business and provide the priveleges you allow that user to have for that business.