User not authorised to open Report Transformations

Just saw that [User Permissions] is changed.
Although I have given the user permission, user is not able to view [Concept BTW Aangifte].
User gets the message that user is not authorised.

Do I overlook something?

What level of access did you give? And did you make sure to click Update after granting the permission?
If you impersonate the user, does the Reports tab display in the left navigation pane?
If not, does the Settings tab display?

This is how permission is set:

This is what the user sees:

After clicking on [Concept BTW Aangifte] the user gets a message that “User is not authorised…” etc.

Does it give you a clue?

The report transformation provides drill down into all the tax transactions. It is not clear to me that user has access to those. In which case it would be appropriate that they not succeed in looking at the results of that report transformation.

What you have given permission for is the Report Transformations tab in Settings, not the resulting reports themselves. So your user could create a new transformation or edit an old one, but not see the results. I will investigate the reason why report transformations available for the business are not listed on the User Permissions page under Reports.

Let’s mark it as a bug because under current implementation of user permissions, it’s not possible to give access to imported reports.

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Fixed in the latest version (21.7.36)

There is Report Transformations option under Reports when setting up user permissions.