Permissions Issues

User Permissions

I have just set up User Permissions for my accountant as he doesn’t need to view 90% of the information.

I really like the new permissions layout. When I last looked at it, it was quite confusing to go through. Aligning the permissions with tabs, then reports etc does work far better.

Summary Page Permissions

All permissions have View, Create, Update and Delete. However the Summary page for example - unless I am missing something. You can only View that tab. Therefore it should not have Create, Update and Delete. There may be other permissions with the same issue.

NB: Unless the Create/Update applies to Summary Update as the reporting period obviously needs to be updated every year. But not sure where create and delete come into equation for Summary Page.

Report Transformations Permissions

I have encountered a second bug in permissions. The Report Transformations Permission. Initially I did not realise that this was the Vat Calculation Worksheet. So did not grant access to this. But the Vat Calculation Worksheet report is showing despite the fact that the user has no access!

Ps it would also help if the order of permissions matched the order of reports as some of them are not in the same order.

One Bank Account

Slightly separate issue which is related to Permissions, but is more a general design flaw throughout the entire program. I only have ONE bank account.

Yet in Permissions, Receipts, Payments, Bank Reconciliation, Bank Payment and Bank Receipt Rules, I always have to select a bank account despite only having one bank account! Can the program please be updated to automatically show the bank account if the total number of bank accounts in the business equals one!

Have you checked out Form defaults?

You can use form defaults to put a default bank account number in the “Received In” and “Paid from” fields

Read the guide

Just ignore the summary page options in the user permissions setup page.

I’m yet to try to reproduce your second bug claim.

Is this showing in the list of reports (which does not violate permissions) or giving actual access to the report? For a user with no access to Report Transformations, you should see the following when you try to access a report transformation:

I have gone into form defaults and set the bank account and supplier/customer as default for payments and receipts. However, I cannot set the bank account for Permissions, Bank Reconciliation, Bank rules etc. I don’t really use payments and receipts anymore as I import my statements now.

So it helps, but really form defaults should be used for setting a default amongst multiple choices rather than fixing what is effectively a flaw in the program.

I tried to open the Vat Calculation Worksheet and you are correct, it is blocked. But this is not really the point. All the other reports that he has no access to are not visible in his report view. The sole and only report that he does not have access to that is still showing in reports is the vat calculation worksheet. Like the other reports, he should not be able to even see the report there.