Concept BTW aangifte no longer accessible for user

Version: 20.8.63
Being a user I am no longer permitted to open [Reports]-[Concept BTW aangifte], it has “vanished”.

Being an Administrator [Reports] does show me the option [Concept BTW aangifte].
I have checked the user permissions:

What am I missing?

Hi Ries,

Indeed, you’re missing something!
Go to Settings (Instellingen), click on Importeren, choose country Nederland, click on "Concept Aangifte, tick on all the VAT codes and import starts, After that, you will find the Concept BTW-aangifte at reports under the heading Report Transformations.

Success and kind regards,


Mbahhhh, feeling like a little kid… How stupid of me not to check that option.
A big Thank You, Henny!

Oeps, still no luck.

Did import [Concept BTW aangifte] under [Settings]-[Import]. (I can only do this as an administrator).
And indeed, I can click on [Concept BTW aangifte] in [Reports].

Then logged in as a user, went to [Reports] but then there is no option [Concept BTW aangifte].

So, I still wonder, what am I missing here?

Desktop, cloud or server version?
Desktop version works, I checked it a couple of minutes ago.

Cloud version, 20.8.63.

See Concept VAT Report disappeared

Thank you Mark, but the problem lies in the fact that the Administrator has access to the [Concept BTW aangifte] where the User does not even see this option.
(My screenshots are in English for better understanding, in this case it’s confusing. Language is Dutch.)

@ries, what happens when you switch everyone’s language preference to Dutch?

Also be aware that the topic @Mark linked to is obsolete. It included posts covering a couple different localization schemes, all of which have since been superseded by another. It is possible there are interactions between administrative and user permissions and language preferences that are confusing the situation.

Still no luck.

If I change the user with Limited access (but access to all reports) to user with Full access, the user can see and open [Concept BTW aangifte].

So it appears to me as if a user with Limited Access has no way access to the Report Transformation [Concept BTW aangifte].

I do not know if that is intended or not. @lubos will need to answer that.

@ries I need to work on this further because these country-specific reports work differently from all other reports.

But for now, limited user will see these country-specific reports only if you give them permission to see Report Transformations under Settings. I know this is not intuitive at all. As I said, more work needs to be done but just remember to check Report Transformations.

Thank you Lubos, indeed I was looking in the wrong direction. All is working fine now!