User-friendly PDF names


I think that it would be very useful to be able, in the settings, to set the file name output of the pdf through variables. It comes to my mind how once I was able to manage with “cdex” cd ripper. I find out a screenshot to explain that you can find here:


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Explain further, please. Why can’t you use your operating system’s file management features when saving a PDF?

Because with this system, Manager will name the files automatically based on the “template” everyone will choose. I generate automatically 107 invoices every month and I have to rename them manually. And the name Manager gives to the invoices it’s a long alphanumeric string that makes them difficult to find.


When this File made by you/Manager… then you can directly Save that by your required Name. No need to find that alphanumeric name… Or you can Send mail by the manager software… then your file name problem will be solved automatically. … Did you try that?

I have also requested that PDF’s of invoices be saved as ‘Invoice 1234’ as we are having to do this manually and it is time consuming when you have a large volume of invoices.
@AaiRIz as we send the bulk of our invoices with supporting documents attached sending from Manager is not an option.

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Did you try Email Option in manager? If no, then please try that first.
The subject name of the Email … it will be the file name…
If you Provide Subject name As Sales Invoice of XYZ Ref No 170001 …
then this Subject name is the PDF file name when you check your mail… and then you can download it. Simple…

I hope you understand…

yes… That I know… that its not a Complete Option… But you can send Second mail… in that you can attach all the other required documents…
By the way you give a good Idea that If manager Can save Sales Invoice By Its Reference No. Its Good… But for now… you have to find some way to solve this as i said.

It’s still a many steps workaround but I will try it. The solution I gave based on a completely different kind of software is very fast and gives freedom to everyone to create a custom naming.

Yes we use the email option in Manager for invoices being sent with no extra attachments and that works well. Any invoice with extra attachments currently need to be sent through our email client, so for us it would be beneficial to remove the step of having to rename every PDF before it is sent to the customer.

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that would be great.
currently if we download invoice, i doesn’t include invoice number in name, it is so hard to find specific invoices from download directory.

there is no pdf download in Manager.
Manager only generates the pdf, the user has to save it in any directory under any name.
the Email option automatically sends the pdf with the document number.

By default Manager gives as name the database key. We are asking to have options to manipulate the default name.

what use would that be as generating the pdf is not actually saving the pdf.
it is just a temporary file until you save it. and naming the pdf is the choice of the user.

Sorry but it’s not true. By default Manager gives a name to the file which is an alphanumeric string

i understood what you meant. all i am asking is what good is a name which is only temporary and not actually saved as a file on the computer. the file saving part is done by the user manually after generating the pdf. Manager does not save the file, it only generates the file just like an unsaved word document.

This is a very good request being made by Davide. It will be good if invoices can be saved by customer names when downloaded in manager. I think this can work as how the backup file is saved in business name by manager.

Saving a PDF file is not a function performed by Manager, so Manager cannot name the saved file. The Save operation is a function of your operating system.

False. If you check by default Manager gives the database key of the transaction as name (in fact it gives always the same name to the same invoice). Since it’s like downloading a file from internet it’s a choice of the programmer the name it gives by default.

No, not false. You are referring to Manager giving the database key as the name of the PDF file. But the PDF file is not saved at that point. The PDF is saved only upon further action using capabilities of whatever operating system you employ. My explicit statement was, “Saving a PDF file is not a function performed by Manager….”

I am fully aware of your many posts recommending that Manager give or allow the user to give some name besides the database key on a default basis. I understand your point of view. But that issue is separate from how a PDF file is saved by your operating system.

As you stated saving a file is not a function performed by manager but giving the name is. And that’s what we are talking about.